CAT Transport Program 2023

This NNN transport program is open to anyone who is willing to drive to the transport locations listed and for any healthy cat 3 months and older. Cats 6yrs+ need bloodwork and are not eligible for this program.

Pick up between 7am-730 am. RETURN 5pm

OCTOBER Locations and dates


OCTOBER 11 TUNKHANNOCK Wyoming County 911 Call Center 3880 US-6 parking lot

3 male cat pet spaces available


OCTOBER 25 POTTSTOWN Memorial Park 75 King Street ENTRANCE


Please read the following information carefully before booking your appointment. Slots on the transport van are limited to 2 per person.

Pet cat must be in a hard sided carrier with a towel or newspaper on the bottom. Please LABEL your carrier with your last name, phone number and kitty’s name. DO NOT bring your cats in a backpack, cardboard box or soft carriers. If your cat arrives in one of those, you will be turned away and your money refunded.

Feral cat should be in a trap lined with newspaper and covered with a sheet or towel. Outside cats that can be handled can come in a medium to large sized carrier lined with a towel. PLEASE do not put FERAL/wild cats in carriers. NO SMALL CARRIERS.

Pregnancies are terminated. Left ear tip REQUIRED

PAYMENT: ALL appointments must be PREPAID when you make an appointment by a credit card and a $5 per cat fuel surcharge fee will be added. We encourage you to vault your credit card if the staff finds parasites or an infection that needs to be treated. We will call you for approval to treat and authorize through our system. We will not accept payments over the phone. If you are using a voucher, please indicate that in your email.

Pet Male cat: $85 includes rabies & distemper vaccines, nail trim, ear cleaning if needed, fluids and long-acting pain injection.

Pet Female cat: $90 includes rabies & distemper vaccines, nail trim, ear cleaning if needed, fluids and long-acting pain injection.

24 PETWATCH Microchip: $25 and we register for you.

Listed below are additional conditions/services which will require an extra fee. The staff will call you upon examination:

Cryptorchid male: $25 per side (testicle did not drop)

Umbilical hernia: $15

Brachycephalic cat: $20 difficulty fee

Termination of pregnancy: $25 PET CAT only. Does not apply to FERAL cats. Please note that NNN does not perform any diagnostic testing prior to spay surgery so if your PET cat is pregnant, the pregnancy is terminated. If you have an obviously pregnant FERAL cat and you do not want to spay her, then do not schedule her. A spay (ovariohysterectomy) is the removal of the uterus and ovaries.

Flea treatment: $11 per dose (month)

Worming meds: Varies dependent upon type $5-$10

Ear mite treatment: $10

FERAL Cat: $40 and includes rabies vaccine, distemper if 1 year or younger, ear mite, flea and worming treatments, fluids and pain injection. Left ear will be tipped.

To SCHEDULE: Appointment requests must be emailed to THERE IS NO FORM. You must have access to a smartphone device or a computer to successfully complete the appointment registration. Transport scheduling will not be done over the phone or on Facebook.

EMAIL the following information to

*State the location/date you want to schedule.

*Your name, address, 2 telephone numbers (CELL +Landline with voice mail) and your preferred email.

*Pet/s name, sex, breed and AGE (If unknown for feral cat when scheduling, email female/black/7 lbs/1 year old).

**** Pet Cats 6 years and older require blood work and are NOT eligible for the transport. Please apply for an appointment through the website (Book Now) where BW appointments can be made. This does not apply to feral cats.

*Any additional services requested. i.e., microchip or if known cryptorchid or umbilical hernia.

*If your pet is up to date with a rabies vaccine, please attach it. If you do not provide it, your pet will receive a rabies vaccine. You can also send the paperwork along with the transport team at pickup.

*Please provide pertinent health conditions/ medications (including flea treatments)/records for the safety of your pet.

*Please indicate if you are using a voucher for payment. (Feral voucher or voucher from shelter)

Once approved and contacted by the scheduling team, you will be asked for payment in full.

Surgical consent forms will be sent to your email and must be completed 2 weeks prior to transport, or your appointment will be cancelled and money refunded.

Cancellation policy: 48 hours to receive a partial refund for a pet cat. FERAL cat: Refund or can be applied to future trapping.