Loaner Trap Program

LOANER TRAPS are available for the sole purpose of Trap Neuter Return (TNR ) activities and will be used to bring cats to the NNN clinic. NNN traps are NOT to be used to capture a cat/kitten for relinquishment to an animal shelter for destruction. Trap rentals available ONE (1) week prior to appointment and are to be returned ONE week from your appointment date. We will not loan out traps if you do not have an appointment at NNN.

  • Loaner trap: $25 refundable cash deposit per trap. Limit 3. If you need more, please discuss with clinic staff based upon your colony size and appointments.
  • For that hard to trap cat, we have DROP TRAPS available. $50 refundable deposit. Call the number below for availability. Rental is 1 (ONE) week PRIOR to your TNR appointment and should be returned with the cat/s on appointment day
  • Trap pickup/return is 10 AM-1 PM on clinic surgery days. Our staff is in surgery during the day and is not available to assist you at other times.
  • Trap drop return will be required when you bring cats to the clinic for neuter. Due to volume of trap requests we ask that you comply.
  • Your deposit will be returned ONLY is the trap is brought back in clean and working condition. If you do not know how to open the trap door and to set it, please make sure that our staff shows you how before you leave.Call clinic to check on loaner trap availability and which days we are open for a return:
  • Allentown: 610.741.3437
  • Plains: 610.751.9455
  • Reading: 610.751.1755