Cat Deterrents

Fixing our free roaming cats is the first step. However, we must also recognize that they still pee and poop and will go wherever they find a great spot for a litter box. Sometimes it is in our neighbors mulch, under their deck, on their patio furniture or in their well tended vegetable or flower gardens. It’s our responsibility to provide ideas to keep the “peace” or the cats will always lose this battle. As the caretaker it is your responsibility to create solutions on your property: create mulch/sand areas as a litter box. Sprinkle some catnip there to entice them to use it.

Suggest to neighbors to use cayenne pepper (cheap) to sprinkle on small beds near the house.

Ultrasonic SOLAR devices work very well for larger areas and are available through the internet.

Flea Management In Colonies

Diatomaceous earth is an organic material and can be used for OUTSIDE colonies where fleas are a problem. It should be sprinkled on the ground around the feeding areas when dry. We are not recommending this to be used on the cats or for inside cats.

Ongoing cat colony management

  • Make sure that the shelters you build/make are not in obvious areas for the public to see. There are many inexpensive ideas for making shelters. Straw is a great insulator. Visit AlleyCatAllies for ideas.
  • Makes sure that all containers used to feed, are in discreet areas and do not blow away. Do not leave paper plates and bowls on the ground.
  • Do NOT leave out food over-nite. You are attracting wildlife to the cat’s feeding areas. You are wasting your money and it may present a risk to the cats if a rabid animal is nearby.
  • Provide litter box areas for your cats using sand or mulch.