Welcome To No Nonsense Neutering

NNN provides high quality, affordable spay neuter services for pet cats and dogs, cat and dog rescues/shelters and provides Trap Neuter Return (TNR
) services for free roaming cats.

No Nonsense Neutering is a 501c3 non profit clinic operating since February 2008.  Since opening, NNN has fixed over 62,000 cats and dogs, assists over 55 cat and dog rescues and has TNR’ed over 45,000 free roaming cats.

  • NNN  is a same day clinic performing over 30 surgeries per day.
  • All healthy kittens and puppies over 12 weeks of age are eligible for surgery.
  • There are no income or residency requirements to use our clinic.
  • Our clinic is by appointment and cash only.

2015 Statistics

Total cats and dogs: 9,761

Total dogs: 1,935

Total cats: 7,826 / TNR cats: 4,720