Feral Cat Financial Resources and Barn Home information


*** We are currently updating the 2019 TNR contracts. The contracts that have resigned are in RED!! Please contact your local municipality before trapping.  This list may not be accurate until all contracts are received***

***You must show proof of residency to participate. If you are trapping for another person, you must present tax or utility bill for the person living at that residence and admission paperwork for the cats must be the name and address of that residence.


  • HUMANE PENNSYLVANIA’S HEALTHY PETS, HEALTHY LIVES PROGRAM partnership with Humane Society of Berks County: FREE for feral cats in the following zip codes (proof of residency required)
    • 19601
    • 19602
    • 19603
    • 19604
    • 19605
    • 19606
    • 19607
    • 19608
    • 19609
    • 19610
    • 19611
    • 19612
  • City of Reading-18th WARD  vouchers available with proof of residence. Example: Water or tax bill. Contact debbie@nnnlv.org for more information.
  • Borough of Robesonia: $25 co-pay
  • Borough of Shoemakersville: $15 Voucher (obtained at municipal building)
  • Borough of St. Lawrence:  $10 co-pay
  • West Reading voucher (obtained at municipal building)
  • Borough of Boyertown: NO co-pay **NEW**
  • RALPHO Township by voucher only


Contact Animal Lifeline  Warrington, PA

  • Vouchers


Making It Pawsible Financial Assistance Program

  • Applications for feral cats
  • Contact Deb  570.366.2473 or 570.294.8064


  • Mill Creek Township
  • 100 cats/FREE/must obtain voucher/s from police department


  • $15 co-pay: Borough of Alburtis, Borough of Catasauqua, Borough of Coplay, Borough of  Emmaus,  Heidelberg Township, Lower Macungie Township, Lowhill Township, Lower Milford Township, Lynn Township, North Whitehall Township, South Whitehall Townships, Lower and Upper Macungie Township, Upper Saucon Township, Washington  & Weisenberg Townships
  • NO Co-pay: Hanover Township


  • Borough of Northampton $15 co-pay
  • No co-pay: Borough of Hellertown


  • Borough of Mt. Carmel- 100 cats/FREE
  • municipality of Shamokin- 100 cats /FREE
  • NO co-pay. Must provide ID that you reside in the Borough


SPAYUSA- North Shore Animal League

  •  Go to website and fill out online application form. Applications accepted between the 1st and 15th of every month. Awards notifications between 16th and 22nd of the same month. If you have received funding, you must wait a full calendar year to re-apply.
  • Clinic address: No Nonsense Neutering 1044 N. Quebec St Allentown, PA 18109
  • Contact name: Ashley Kahan 484.274.4833
  • NNN will notify you when check is received and you can make an appointment. Please do not trap until NNN has confirmed receipt of payment.
  • SPAYUSA covers only a portion of the surgery fee. There is a $15 co-pay per cat at check in.
  • Check good for 60 days. SPAYUSA will approve an extension for use of funds past 60 days if you contact them.

Barn home program

Can also be a business that needs mousers…nurseries, landscaping companies, tow-yards- any business that is seeing mice/rats.

Cats accepted for this program are cats whose current living situation puts them in danger or are losing their homes due to construction. NNN posts on Facebook when we have a need.  Please understand that it is not possible to relocate most of the Trap Neuter Return TNR cats.

  • Cats are fixed , vaccinated and treated for worms, fleas and ear-mites. All cats come with their medical paperwork including a rabies certificate. ALL cats have a LEFT ear-tip.
  • NNN asks that the “home” provide regular food and water. Cats will “mouse” even if you provide food.
  • NNN brings a large wire crate to hold the cat/s for about 10 days. This period of time gives them a chance to acclimate to their new environment. NNN will also provide food/bowls, litter and litter box for this holding period. The crate should be located in a covered area. NNN will provide  large sheets to cover the crate giving the cats a sense of security during the “hold” time. Putting a cardboard box in the crate adds a sense of security.
  • After about 10 days, you can open the door (preferably at dusk) and they will slip out at their own speed.

While they are acclimating to their new home you should maintain a regular schedule of feeding at the same spot where they were held if possible. You may not see them for a few days as they adjust. Keep the feeding station consistent. We recommend that food be put out in daytime only to discourage other wildlife like raccoons and skunks from eating at the feeding station. Cats will not starve themselves. They will come to eat. They will hunt.

If you have questions or have a potential home, contact Deb debbie@nnnlv.org