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  • NNN spay-neuter clinic is by appointment for all cats and dogs. EXCEPTION: 1 trapped cat can come to a scheduled clinic as a walk-in with no appointment between 8 a.m.-9:30 a.m. on a scheduled clinic day.
  • IMPORTANT information for pets and rescues:Your cat or dog should be healthy the day of surgery in order to ensure that your pet does well during surgery and recovers well after surgery. Any signs of upper respiratory infections or diarrhea, please reschedule. Feral cats will be evaluated at time of surgery.
  • Feral cat Colony CARETAKER: If you are within a Municipality that pays for TNR or are using a VOUCHER or SPAYUSA funds, please indicate that information in the comments section. Because NNN invoices the municipality, your appointment will not be scheduled until residency has been established.
  • 501c3 NON PROFIT Shelter or Rescue organization: Please indicate in the comments section which NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION  this appointment is for.
  • FEMALE Dog appointment information. If she has gone into her heat cycle, she cannot be spayed for 6 weeks AFTER her heat cycle is finished. From 12-21 days after onset of  bleeding, she is at her most fertile time, so keep her separated from any intact (un-neutered) male dog/s or a pregnancy will result. If you feel that your female has been impregnated, please contact NNN immediately.
  • PET Cats should be brought to NNN in HARD sided carriers-no soft fabric or cardboard carriers please. NNN has loaner carriers available at every clinic.

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  • Please Note: Choose 3 DIFFERENT dates 2 weeks from today when making your appointment. Your first or second choices may not be available.

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  • Call us 7 days a week: 866.820.2510

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