2023 Fees and services

PAYMENT: Credit cards accepted. NNN does not accept Care Credit card. No checks. NNN does not accept any pet insurances. Payment option available on the scheduling page. A deposit is required to hold a date for pets. Deposit is applied to the balance due. No deposit is required for feral cat/s.

CANCELLATION policy: 48 hours to get a full refund.

There are no income or residency requirements to use NNN clinics. All healthy cats and dogs 16 weeks and older are eligible for surgery. FEMALE DOGS must wait 6 weeks after the END of heat cycle / bleeding. This does not apply to female cats.

Fees for pets always include rabies & distemper vaccines, nail trim, ear cleaning, SQ fluids, pain medicine, E collars for all dogs and female cats. All cats and dogs receive a green tattoo along the surgery site to indicate sterilization. Each pet cat and dog are given a basic checkup. PLEASE NOTE: There are some cats that cannot safely be given a physical exam by our staff before surgery. You will be asked on the surgical consent form whether you want to proceed with surgery without one. NNN reserves the right to refuse services for pet dogs that exhibit aggressive behavior and that cannot be safely handled for surgery or for a cat or dog with medical pre-existing medical issues that are not suitable in our high-volume clinic.

  • Microchip: $25 at time of surgery. 24 PetWatch. Registration included
  • Pre-operative bloodwork if pet is 6+ years: $75 drawn at clinic by appt. BEFORE the pet’s appointment. Results must be reviewed and approved by our vet staff.
  • NNN does not offer vaccines only. They are administered during the surgery visit. Contact your vet or local pet stores for vaccine clinics.

Pet male cat: $85 Pet female cat: $90

$40 Deposit required to hold an appointment which is applied to balance due. Pet Cats MUST be in a hard sided plastic carrier. Please line the carrier with a towel or newspaper.

Additional services:

  • Brachycephalic cats: $20 difficulty fee
  • Umbilical Hernia repair: $15
  • Cryptorchid (testicle did not drop): $25 per side
  • Termination of pregnancy fee: $25 (PET cat only)
  • FeLV/FIV combo test: $25
  • Worming medicine available and dependent upon type
  • Flea and tick treatment (Catego) $11 per dose

Feral Cat, male or female: $40 (no deposit required) includes:

  • Rabies vaccine ALWAYS administered. A distemper vaccine is given if cat is 1 year or younger. $15 distemper vaccine is optional for older cats.
  • Ear cleaning, parasite treatments, SQ fluids and pain medicine is administered. Left Ear tip is always required.
  • Feral cats should be brought to the clinic in humane traps for the safety of our staff. Please cover to keep their stress level down.
  • Pregnancies are terminated.

Dog weighing 60 lbs. or less. $75 Deposit required to hold an appointment which is applied to balance due.

  • Male: $150 Female: $195
  • $25 extra 61-100 lbs.
  • $50 extra 101-125 lbs.
  • $75 extra 126-150 lbs.
  • $100 extra 151-175 lbs.
  • $125 Over 176 lbs

Additional Services:

  • Brachycephalic dogs: $20 difficulty fee
  • Bordetella (kennel cough): $20
  • Umbilical hernia repair: $45
  • Cryptorchid (testicle did not drop): $75 per side
  • Termination of pregnancy fee: $75
  • Flea & tick (Vectra 3D) $15 per dose